What are the material composition and uses of the bucket

Bucket refers to a bucket-shaped member used to excavate loose materials such as soil, yellow sand, stones and construction waste. It is composed of bottom plate, wall plate, ear plate, ear plate, tooth plate, side plate, and bucket teeth. It is a kind of working device often installed on excavators for excavation. The materials of Congqin digging buckets can be divided into trench buckets, screen buckets, earthmoving buckets, rock buckets and mine buckets.
Excavator buckets are divided into standard buckets, reinforced buckets, and mine buckets according to structural material properties.
The standard bucket material is made of domestic high-quality high-strength structural steel Q345B. The characteristics of the standard bucket: the bucket mouth area is larger, and it has a larger stacking surface, so it has a higher fill factor; it saves working time and is efficient. Suitable for light work environments such as excavation of general clay and loading of sand, soil and gravel.

200系列一方土方斗 1
200系列一方土方斗 2

The reinforced bucket is made and reinforced with high-strength wear-resistant steel materials for high-stress and vulnerable parts on the basis of standard buckets; the vulnerable parts of the tooth seat plate and the side blade plate are made of domestic high-quality high-strength wear-resistant materials Steel NM360, thickened plate, prolonged service life. Inherit all the advantages of the standard bucket and greatly improve the strength and wear resistance. The applicable environment is heavy-duty operations such as excavation of hard soil, gravel, gravel loading, etc.
Increase the reinforcement plate at the bottom of the mining bucket; increase the side guard plate; install the protective plate, adopt a double arc design at the bottom of the bucket to increase the ground clearance of the heel and reduce wear; the gap is adjustable at the connection with the stick Set of equipment; use the Swedish HARDOX ultra-high-strength wear-resistant steel, which prolongs the product life several times; the bucket teeth are special bucket teeth for rocks. Make the product more reliable, better mining performance, and more economical. Applicable environment: Excavation of hard rock, sub-hard rock and weathered rock mixed with soil; heavy operations such as loading of hard rock and blasted ore.

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