How often should the bucket be replaced

Bucket is the most important excavator is also one of the most frequently used parts, it can be said that bucket is indispensable to the excavator, because without the bucket excavator can not work normally, because the use of the highest frequency, so the loss of the bucket is fast, the bucket need to be replaced often? How often should the bucket be replaced?


How often should the bucket be replaced

1. In terms of the price of the bucket, the cost of buying a bucket is not low. If conditions are available, of course, it is often replaced, especially the bucket teeth of the bucket. Change bucket, the driver is more laborious. Change scoop main purpose is to improve work efficiency, because same fuel consumption, dig wet soil with big bucket will be dug immobile, on the contrary, dig dry soil with small bucket dig less, so very not calculated.

2. Jining Zhongyuan construction machinery thinks that excavators do not need to frequently replace the bucket, and even if the excavator needs to replace the bucket, it is better to choose the original excavator bucket parts, because the excavator has been strictly matched before leaving the factory, and the bucket can not be replaced at will. If it’s broken and can’t be used, go to the garage to get a corresponding one. This is also a very important point, the use of unmatched products for excavators is also a kind of harm to excavators.

3.Since there is no need to change the bucket often, how long will it take to replace the bucket tooth? Generally depends on the degree of wear and tear of the bucket and bucket teeth, the standard type of bucket earthwork is more wear and tear is smaller about 4-5 months to replace it is better. Rock bucket replacement bucket teeth is relatively fast. Like granite, the bucket teeth need to be replaced in a week or so. The side teeth (knife Angle) on the bucket of the excavator is best to give the screw to the point so as not to fall off during construction.


Two. How to choose the right bucket

1. The dredging work and plane renovation of rivers and ditches, the excavation of general clay and the loading of sand, soil and gravel and other light natural environment, the high efficiency of operation is stipulated, and the standard bucket of excavators can be selected.

2. Excavating hard soil, soil stained with soft stone, loess stone loading and other engineering occasions damage is more serious, it is necessary to choose excavator reinforced bucket.

3. Excavating gravel, gravel, soil with hard stones, secondary hard stone, wind fossil loading and other heavy duty engineering environment, it is necessary to choose a high-quality bucket teeth, wear resistance, bending resistance of gravel bucket.

4 hard stone, blasting ore loading and other heavy operation of the natural environment of the project I natural environment, the provisions of the bucket is higher, you need to choose: at the bottom to increase the reinforcement plate, increase the side protection plate, the installation of protective plate, with strong wear resistance, bending ability of the rock type bucket.

Post time: Oct-13-2021