How to maintain the excavator bucket

I believe that the operation of excavator bucket is not difficult for excavator master, but the maintenance work of excavator bucket has baffled a lot of people. In the process of maintenance, if the method is not correct, it is likely to become “damage”. Today, I will share with you how to maintain excavator bucket.

1. Maintenance method of excavator bucket

1. Reinforce the excavator bucket

Small excavator hold hands in the usual use is need to pay special attention to scoop the tooth as the end of the mechanical device, especially easy to damaged, suggest in conditions allow, used excavators can scoop on before reinforcement, such ability can guarantee scoop more durable, effectively improve the work efficiency, reduce the operation cost.

2. Effectively avoid scraping the tail of excavator bucket

When the excavator is operating, it must clean up the operating environment and clear all the obstacles that are higher than the track plate in the rotating radius. Under normal circumstances, the scraping at the tail of the excavator bucket is mostly caused by rotation, so the operator should have an understanding of the tail rotation radius data, so that when working, the appropriate distance can be set aside to avoid the scraping at the time of rotation.


Two. Excavator bucket maintenance errors

1. Improper starting mode causes serious harm to machinery and equipment in winter, some drivers often use abnormal starting mode without water in order to quickly open the diesel engine. This practice will cause serious harm to machinery and equipment, and should be strictly prohibited. Proper preheat way is: heat preservation quilt on the tank first, open the drain valve, continuous introduction of 60-70 ℃ to tank clean soft water, with the hand touch water drain valve discharge water hot feeling, then turn off the water drain valve, the tank to clean soft water into the 90-100 ℃, and turn the crankshaft, make each movement for modest lubrication in advance, then start again.

2 optional use of fuel to reduce the service life of the engine, so that the probability of damage to improve the low temperature in winter so that diesel liquidity is poor, viscosity expansion, not easy to spray, resulting in poor atomization, combustion, resulting in diesel engine power and economic development performance indicators reduced. Therefore, light diesel oil with low freezing point and good ignition performance should be used in winter. It is usually stipulated that the freezing point of diesel engine should not exceed the local seasonal minimum temperature of 7-10℃.

3. Do not pay attention to body insulation to reduce the working life, damage the engine winter temperature is low, it is very easy to make the diesel engine work water cooling is too much. So heat preservation is important to use diesel engine well in winter. In northern areas, the diesel engine used in winter should be equipped with thermal insulation sleeve and thermal insulation curtain and other cold machinery and equipment.

Post time: Oct-13-2021